Figure 1.Group Photo with the children at Rumah Baca Apung, Tambaklorok, Semarang

Fun Education on Marine Biodiversity

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On February 03, 2018, Diponegoro Marine Biodiversity Project (DMBP), Diponegoro University (UNDIP) held an education program about ocean, titling “Lets Keep Our Ocean Beautiful” which collaborated with Lantera Pesisir Semarang Community, BIONESIA Foundation, and TAKA Foundation as a stakeholder. DMBP is one of the marine biodiversity projects that exist at Laboratorium Terpadu UNDIP, and lead by Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto M.Sc as DMBP Principle Investigator.

This education program held at Rumah Baca Apung, Tambaklorok, Semarang, aim to increase awareness of young generation to safe our ocean. We were targeting the students from nearby school, which is SDI Taqwiyatul Wathon. This program was done using the education and fun activities that suits the elementary students to have the best understanding on the topic related to the ocean animals, and the best way that they can do to keep the ocean safe. The program also aims for the children at Rumah Baca Apung to have the vision to sustain the ocean and marine life for the better future.


Fun education activity using “Baby Shark” gymnastic dance

The event was opened by fun activity, where the children were asked to do the famous “Baby Shark” dance along with the mentor.  After the fun activities, the children were introducing to “The Biodiversity of Coral Reefs Ecosystem” by Andrianus Sembiring (DMBP) and “How to Keep Our Ocean Safe” by Haries Sukandar (Taka Foundation).


A presentation of Haries Sukandar from Taka Foundation.

The children were really interested during the program, and some of them admit that this program is a new knowledge. It may also seems that through this programs, the children such as the students from SDI Taqwiyatul Wathon will have the new way to see their ocean and hopefully will help us to keep the ocean clean and sustained for the beautiful future.

Source:Newsletter Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Vol. XXXIV No.1 Januari-April 2018