eDNA_training 02

eDNA sampling Training: cencus marine biodiversity thorough 2 liter water sample

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eDNA_training 02

By: Ni Putu Dian Pertiwi & M. Danie Al Malik

Environmental DNA or eDNA is the DNA that collected from the environment. This DNA was leaved in the surrounding environment, in the form of feces, mucus, gametes, shed skin, carcasses, and hair. Due to the importance of this method for conservation – to monitor and identify biodiversity, while minimizing stress inducing human interaction, several researchers and conservationist have started to apply this method for their study. However, in Indonesia, this method considered as a new technique and hasn’t been used by many.

In October 13 – 14, 2018, BIONESIA team invited students and researcher to learn on eDNA sampling collection. Iqbal Herwata & Derta Prabuning, the conservation research staffs from Misool Eco-Resort, and also Abiqail & Widyastuti Umar, the Ph.D. students from Hassanuddin University were participating in this event. Lead by Andrianus Sembiring, this activity was held in Pemuteran-Bali, aiming to teach the participants on collecting eDNA sample from marine environment.

During the training, water sample collection was made using 2 techniques, including collection by SCUBA dive and by boat.  Collection by SCUBA diver were done by collecting the seawater directly into the infuse bag. Meanwhile, for the on boat collection, water sample was collected at a specific depth using Nansen bottle.  One liter of seawater was then filtered into a tube called Sterivex™, where it can hold the DNA in it. The participants were very eager to learn, because they will use the method for their current study, especially for Iqbal Herwata from Misool Eco-resort who will use this method in monitoring the presence of Manta species in Savu Sea, East Nusa Tenggara.