Capacity Building


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Our internship program is focusing on introducing scientific skill and knowledge to university students. The student will be given the experiences to work with our ongoing project, including learning laboratory technique, fieldwork technique and other basic knowledge related to each project. The internship program is open for 4 to 5 students for each period. Contact us or check our Blog for information

Workshop and Training

Photos_eka training

To increase the capacity building of wider audiences, we held several workshop and training. This program will be based on each ongoing project and would be inviting participants from universities, government institution, NGOs, and other local and international institution. Through this program, we expect to share our knowledge and skills to not only scientific community but also to other communities that has not been aware with molecular genetic and conservation action. Check our Blog for information

Seminar and Conferences


As one of the way to share our research result, Bionesia team will attend several seminar and conferences; and on some event, we also have the opportunity to hold the national seminar and international conference. Through this program, we hope to increase the research capacity building by sharing the result of our project and to share the idea of the future research. Check our Blog for information