Study of Biology and Reproductive Biology of Longtail Tuna (Thunus tonggol, Bleeker, 1851) in the Waters of West Sumatra

Pi:Dr. Ir. Indra Junaidi Zakaria, M.Si,
Institution: Universitas Andalas, LSM Rumah Alam Sumatera (RUAS)

Project Overview:
This activity was undertaken to examine some aspects of biology and biology reproduction of Longtail Tuna (Thunnus tonggol, Bleeker, 1851)at several fish landing sites in West Sumatra. The datawill becollected included; length, weight, sex, maturity level of gonad, gastric contents, which will be found through observation, enumeration, and field interviews.This activity will be done in July 2018 to July 2019.Data collection and field samples were conducted once a month starting from July 2018 to April 2019 at three fish landing sites, namely: Pasia Jambak, Gauang and Bunguih beaches, whcih located in Padang city of West Sumatra. Furthermore, data and samples were analyzed in the laboratory of Animal Physiology and Ecology of Andalas University.Data will be colected in the morning  (06.00 WIB) fromthe fish landing area, namely:  measuring the lengths and weighs of fish, and the collection of gastro and gonad samples from T. tonggol. In addition, the team also will recording other information such as fishing grounds and what it will beconsideringimportant.All of data and sampleswill be analyzed in May 2019. Therefore, evaluation, writing and publication in June and July 2019.The result of this activities will be expected to give representative picture about biology and biology reproduction of T. Tonggoland also can be known how condition, growth pattern, size structure, fecundity, and spawning period these species in the waters of West Sumatra, so this information become consideration for activity conservation and management of sustainable fisheries resources.