Population Dynamic (Growth, Reproduction and Food Habits) of Thunnus tonggol in Bali Strait That Landed On Kedonganan Bali and Muncar East Java

Pi: Gede Raka Angga Kartika, raka.angga@unud.ac.id
Institution: Faculty Of Marine Science and Fisheries, Udayana University

Project Overview:
Thunnus tonggol is one of the fish that have high economic value. High demand for this resource asked a proper management to ensure sustainability. The objective of the research is to investigate population dynamic of Thunnus Tonggol in Bali Strait as a recommendation for fisheries management. Sample Analysis was conducted to examine, growth pattern, condition factor, length of the first maturity, sex ratio, growth parameter, gonad maturity index, gonad maturity index (IKG), gonad maturity level, food habits. Sample collection will be conducted every two weeks in 3 month from Muncar- East Java and Kedonganan Bali