Long Tail Tuna Mapping for Fisheries Sustainable Management at South Water of East Java

Pi:Dhimas Amirul Kusuma, SP.i, yfcateam2018@gmail.com
Institution: University of Brawijaya

Project Overview:
Research Longtail Tuna Mapping For Fisheries Sustainable Management At South Waters Of East Java have main purpose to manage Longtail Tuna fisheries to reach sustainable fisheries utilization. Our project will begin on Augustwith the is agenda survey location at sine fishing port, on September at Tegalrejo fishing port, and on October at Tamperan fishing port. At every fishing port we will take fishing ground data from three fishing gear such as purseine, drift gill net and Danish seine using participatory mapping method. Data catch and effort takesfrom annual data fisheries report on Fisheries and Marine Departement East Java Province. The data will usedto count indicators sustainable fisheries level such as value of maximum sustainable yield, total allowable catch and value of Longtail Tuna current stock. Oceanography parameters could access on the link https://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/and the data from Aqua MODIS Level 3 Sea Surface Temperature (Daytime) and Chlorophyl-a Concentrate (OCI Algotrithm) Monthly. The data from oceanography parameterswill usedto predict Longtal Tuna’s habitat and migration. After finished  collect data, we will process our data on December 2018 until January 2019, our data analisys divide into two main process. The first process is fisheries status and management such as fishing effort standardization, analisys sustainable fisheries indicator, analisys fisheries status, analisys current stock, and simulation fishing effort management. Secondprocess isdigital mapping analisys such as analisys oceanography parameters, input fishing grounddata, overlay data and predicted location from Longtail Tuna’s habitat and migration.